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Eat the Moon is a collaboration between award-winning documentary filmmakers Peter Hutchison & Lucas Sabean.  Impact-driven storytellers with a primary focus on social justice issues, our work is dedicated to fostering meaningful dialogue as a catalyst for tangible change.


With a firm belief in the transformative power of film, our longstanding commitment to issues around human rights, violent extremism, male identity, the environment, progressive politics and mindfulness has resulted in critically-acclaimed feature, short form, and serialized documentary projects with a global imprint. 


Our ethos extends to the commercial space, where we collaborate with both not-for-profit and commercial clients to bring their stories and messages to life.

Peter & Lucas are also founding members of BIG TENT PRODUCTIONS with partner David Kuhn, creators of the Social Impact Media Award-winning HEALING FROM HATE.


PREVIOUS WORK (not affiliated with Eat The Moon)



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